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Last month we talked about creating YouTube videos. This month we’ll take it to the next step and create a PowerPoint video, upload it to YouTube and rank it. Typically, we should be able to rank within a few minutes. Many times we rank immediately. If all goes well, we rank high. If things don’t…Click Here To Read More
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As a fellow Marketing University Member and team member this is something I hear often. Some will ask a question and many times the answer is there’s a training on that in the member’s area. We laugh about it, but it’s true. There are so many good training resources in there. I thought I would…Click Here To Read More
AM2 Platinum Expert Jose Espana is going to share his secrets to Video Marketing. Jose’s business is wrapped around video marketing, so he’s the perfect person to teach you some great methods and may have some insight you haven’t thought of.Click Here To Read More
This week, our Platinum expert, Robert Plank of RobertPlank.com will unlock his techniques of video sales tactics. He’s going to show you how to Make a Sales Letter in 15 Minutes, Create a Product in 1 Hour, Respond Personally to 65 of Your Most Loyal Customers in a Single Day, Repurpose Private Label Rights, and…Click Here To Read More