A Month For Great Triumphs

August was named in honor of the first Roman Emperor because it was a month of great triumphs. Make the month of August the month you conquer your challenges. Going along with that frame of mind, Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is our online empire. We do need to be aware though…Click Here To Read More

Online Experts: Who Should You Trust?

online experts
When it comes to hiring online experts, it is critical that you know who you are hiring and why they are qualified to be your adviser. This is an article I wrote several years ago, but it is equally valid today. Please follow my advice—before you listen to an “online expert.” It happened again today.…Click Here To Read More

How To Grow Your Digital Footprint

digital footprint
It is hard to believe that ten years ago many businesses didn’t have a website. Today, a website is a must have, no longer a ‘nice to have’. Your website is an extension of your team—It works for you and your team when you are all sleeping. Just like team members…your website needs to grow…Click Here To Read More

Your Website’s Tagline

This is a mistake I’ve made and am working on correcting once I determine the words I want to use. I think for starters I should probably explain what a “tagline” is. The best definition I found states it as: “Tagline – A memorable phrase or sentence that is closely associated with a particular person…Click Here To Read More

When Was Your Last Website Change?

Do you know that, in order to keep your website cur- rent, it is important to be making a change or adding new content every 21 days? Most business people set up a website… and then they do not look at it again for months—if not years. “It is just as important optimize your site…Click Here To Read More

A Shortage of Change

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Some things are hard to understand. As I have been venturing out, I see signs here and there stating that they have a need for change. There are a lot of theories on that and I have a few of my own but, that’s not the real “Change Shortage” I’m talking about here. I’m talking…Click Here To Read More

Your Website Is More Than A Business Card

person holding black and white card
I talk to many small business owners and many of them question why they need a website. They say, “well, isn’t it just a glorified business card or just a digital flyer of my business?” The answer is, not really. Your website is more than a business card. You can, in fact use it for…Click Here To Read More

What Is Mobile Friendly Design?

person holding smartphone
Whether you search the web looking for products or have a website with products of your own, you may have run across a few of the following terms: Mobile Friendly Design; a Mobile Friendly Website; Responsive Website, Fluid Design, etc. Simply put, a “Mobile Friendly Website” is one that has been designed to best fit…Click Here To Read More

Getting the Most From Your Programmer

woman wearing black t-shirt holding white computer keyboard
What we know well is easy for us to understand but the person sitting next to you maybe looking at you like you’re talking a foreign language to them.Frank Deardurff I talk to a lot of business owners and something I hear frequently from them is, “How do I get more from my programmer?” Or…Click Here To Read More

By Pass Time Suckers

selective focus photography of Productivity printed book
Why The Humble Bookmark Can Be Your Greatest Productivity Tool In a survey conducted by SearchYourCloud, 1/3 of us spend 5-25 minutes searching for a document every time we need one. To make that worse, only one in five “searches” is correct the first time. Part of it has to do with the way you…Click Here To Read More

Important WordPress Username Tip

computer screen displaying website home page
“The fact is that most hackers prey on sites that are outdated or left ‘as is’ after installation. They know exactly what to look for to get into those untouched websites.”Frank Deardurff As more and more websites use WordPress as their builder platform, it seems that hackers try harder and harder to find loopholes to…Click Here To Read More

Housekeeping For Your Website

person holding a black and white bottle
Most of us have heard the terms “just sweep it under the rug” or “put it off for a rainy day”. But as we all find out, that’s just not good housekeeping. I’ve written a few times about different website tips, but one of the most important articles I have written is this one on…Click Here To Read More

What To Do About Unwanted Comments

three person pointing the silver laptop computer
“Its a great form of flattery when someone stops what they are doing in order to leave comments on your site saying, ‘we like it’!”Paul Taubman Comments Indicate Engagement Many of us make a living being online. We attract visitors to our website and provide them with some great content via our blog. One of…Click Here To Read More

Resource For Background Images

white clouds and blue skies
Here’s is a resource I’ve located recently and I think it might be useful to you for your business or website. When I’m working on a website project, and I’m building it with different information panels as you scroll down the page. To break up these sections I wanted to add a subtle pattern to…Click Here To Read More

Checking For Password Breach

closeup photo of turned-on blue and white laptop computer
This is an age-old problem, even before websites and online security. Passwords being hacked has been an issue for as long as passwords have existed. I’ve been a network consultant for over twenty years and a network administrator for over thirty years so I want to share my thoughts with you on this. Think about…Click Here To Read More

7 Ways To Benefit From Asking A Question

Many times we think we know what are readers, prospects and customers want but do we really? In this training titled “7 Ways To Benefit From Asking” you will learn how to. – Ask the right questions – Turn questions into information products – Avoid website abandonment by asking – And much moreClick Here To Read More