Taking Actions On Your Goals

It’s normally a combination of these things that sabotage us. I know you know what I’m talking about! I’m sure you’ve used these excuses or put yourself into situations that prevent you from finishing some project to move your business forward.


The bottom line is—all of these excuses—all of these situations are a result of one basic thing, and that is FEAR. We may not want to hear it or believe it, but fear is the major driver of self- sabotage.

Because of this fear we make excuses, we subconsciously put ourselves in situations that prevent completion of the task. The fear muddles our brain until we lose focus.

We have the fear that we are not good enough or maybe even the fear of success. This belief can be a figment of our imagination. Maybe we bought a terrible course or product that’s similar to the one we are creating. Our product is far superior, yet this figment of our imagination tells us that ours is not good enough.

Or maybe it’s a membership site that you’re trying to launch. Well, you probably joined a bad membership site somewhere along the way and you keep wondering if yours is any better, but in reality, you know your membership site is far superior.

Most of the time, there is absolutely no need to be afraid of the things we are scared of.

The bottom line is—if we don’t finish anything, we don’t accomplish anything! So, we need to figure out how to overcome fear. You’ll find a boatload of well-meaning motivators that will tell you the secret is simple—just overcome it. Well, I’m here to tell you—I understand that it’s not that easy.

I still have fears. I tend to self-sabotage myself, but I’ve learned tricks that enable me to get things done.

The key to this is to understand how you think internally; this will help you overcome that fear. There are small things you can do to ease your way in rather than jumping right in.

It’s like going into a pool of cold water. Some people might say the best way is to jump right in. Not me, I’m a “wader.” I like to work my way in. I start out and get to about knee deep; then I work my way up to waist deep while maybe splashing some water on my chest so my body can adapt to it before I go all the way in.

The idea that you have to jump in with both feet is nonsense to me. This is relevant to business because sometimes you need to start with little things in order to accomplish the big things.

The Unfair Comparison

The question you need to ask yourself at the end of every day (regarding whatever you are trying to accomplish) is, “What did I do today?” The result is you’re either going to feel good or bad about the answer. You want to feel fairly good about it.

The reason I say fairly good is you need to understand how to make some kind of progress. In our minds we have unfair comparisons that are continually being made. Our minds have us look at what everyone else has done what we are trying to do. Sometimes it seems like it was easier for them or they are better at it.

For example, our mind tells us that others launched their product faster. Or they had no trouble doing what I’m struggling to do. In our head we are creating this fictitious scenario that is creating an unfair comparison.

Why is this? Because what you see others doing is the END RESULT of their project. What you don’t see is the beginning and the work in progress. You’re comparing their end product to your beginning product, not to mention that they may have done this before and are now experienced in what you are just starting out doing.

This unfair comparison takes place in all aspects of our life whether we are playing a sport, exercising, etc.

Remember that no one starts out well!

So, back to the question, “What did I do today to achieve or get closer to whatever it is that I want to achieve?” Your answer has to only be based on if you made progress or not and remember that you should be fairly happy with the answer. Sure, you may wish you had done more…but at least you made progress.

Armand Morin

Armand Morin is an Internet marketing industry expert who has built a multimillion-dollar international business. In 1996, he started with $1.83 in his pocket and no experience and has grown it into a multi-million dollar international business, which has done business in over 100 countries around the world.

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