Triple Your Marketing Do Everything In Groups Of Three

If you can finish one thing you can finish three!

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When you’re in a productive mindset, moving   your   online   business along, momentum is key.   Psyching yourself up to get in a writing or marketing mood might take a while, so it doesn’t make sense to get yourself motivated just to write one article or write one e-mail.  

Instead of finishing just ONE thing today, finish three.

Triple Your Marketing Do Everything In Groups Of Three

Just finished a product?   Write two smaller products… It’s not that hard to whip up a quick start guide, recap video, or recap webinar.

Just wrote an article? It’s not that hard to write two more quick articles based on ideas that came to you when you originally wrote the article.

Just created a video?   Create two more.  Here’s a hint: they don’t have to be long.  If you just recorded a 20 minute video, what’s so hard about creating two more 5 minute videos with some additional thoughts… or even repeating the same thoughts in your first video?

Just promoted an affiliate product? Terrific… re-write that same ad by rewriting bullets from the sales letter or edit the promotional e-mail the vendor gave you to only focus on one specific benefit of the product instead.

Just bought resale rights to someone else’s product? They probably already gave you e-mail ads to promote it to your list.  If not, write down three tips you can find in the product in the form of questions, and explain the results of implementing those tips without actually giving away what those tips actually are.

Just sent a promotional e-mail to your list? You can schedule another e-mail to be sent a couple days from now and say “Did you get this message?” Then forward the original message.

You can also think of another selling angle and schedule it for 90 days from now… to catch people who missed the e-mail the first time, weren’t on your list, or just were not ready to buy at the time.

Just shared a great tip in an instant broadcast your list?  Copy and paste that message into a timed follow-up, so new customers and prospects entering your funnel will get the same message as well.

If you have time to finish one thing, make time to finish three.   A lot of your prospects won’t buy the first time you e-mail them, and even when you make a sale, you’re never going to get rich off one single product, so make three of everything.

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