Business Empire From Your Book

I went from ground zero with no list and no social media back then, to six figures in three months

tracy repchuk

If you are thinking about writing a book, or have already written one, here are some myths and a way that you can build an empire from your book.

So before you put pen to paper, create a book with the backend in mind. That means what does the book lead them to do next.

My first online product was a book, “31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles”. I would not recommend this as it can take a lot of work, a long time, and at the end you may just have a great business card. (your book should always be used as your business card!)

So instead, I often place this strategy in the middle after you have built your content from a coaching program where you can make fast money, and can quickly format that into a book, plus have a natural backend to sell.

I lucked out. I created my book, and it launched to #1 on Amazon and then stayed at the top 2% for four years. So I got lots of attention and those buyers contacted me and asked if I could coach them through the book, and my coaching program was born.

But in case you’re not that lucky, start with the backend, create the book and then take it even further by taking the content from that book, and spread it over many different revenue streams. This is how an empire is built.

The beauty is it’s the same information spread across all of the other streams of income. This way you aren’t constantly trying to make new data, and your message can be very clear on what you teach.

Theses are the keys to launching your content across multiple streams of income:

  1. Pick the highest revenue stream first
  2. Get that working, stable, and making money
  3. Use that to get paid to create the next logical income stream
  4. Set the next income stream in place and launch

The key is DO NOT move to another income stream until one is stable. If you do, you will find yourself spread very thin, frantically creating and posting information into deliverable formats, and not having a stable income to live off of.

My current recommended path is: coaching, speaking, webinar/ teleseminars, seminars and workshops, cds/dvds, the book + kindle (ebook), membership site.

The reason for that route is the data is created in such a way in the prior step, that it’s easy to move into the necessary format for the next revenue stream, plus it’s the biggest money up front. The other methods require skill in traffic generation.

Can you go out of that order…definitely!

But this is all about speed to market, and making life simple for you, and taking the fastest path to the most cash. From ground zero and no list and no social media back then, I went to six figures in three months.

Once your book is done make sure to leverage your book launch by building your funnel with a landing page and adding a discovery call. For me, this is a free 20 minute strategy session designed to recommend the product or service best suited for where they are right now.

That’s the natural back end of your book, and it provides you with hot high end clients that convert quickly..

Have them fill out a questionnaire with the answers you need to know to address what pain they need remedied, and then upsell to an upper level program you have that remedies that pain.

So use your book content across many platforms and at the same time gain the credibility and authority status it provides to beat out the competition.

Then enjoy the simplicity of your business design while you build your empire.

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tracy repchuk

International Bestselling Author and Speaker.

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