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You can say you’re great and say it as loud and as often as you want, but the minute someone else says it, it becomes true.

When you write a book and it’s published, you may find yourself established as an industry leader because you wrote the book on the subject. It sounds cliché, but we’ve all said it before. Your book will give you credibility.

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Think about it. We’ve all had the experience of reading a book and suddenly realizing, wow, this author knows what he’s talking about. When you write an informative book, you create the perception that you know your stuff.

Marketing 101 says perception is everything. When people see a book on a shelf, pull it off, and read the topic and your name, they instantly correlate your name with the topic. Thus, you’re an expert on the subject.

Third party validation is key. You can say you’re great and say it loud and as often as you want, but the minute someone else says it, it becomes true. Your book becomes that someone else, the book itself gives you validation. As an author, you’ll become a trusted resource.

Writing A Book Extends Your Reach

Writing a book extends your reach. You gain access to new markets, customers, and audiences never accessible before. What if a person walks into Barnes & Noble, sees your book on the bookshelf, buys it, and then logs on to your website where you collect her name and e-mail address?

That connection would never have been made had you not written the book. Sales through Amazon or other online vendors will give you the same result.

As an added bonus, what if an Amazon shopper who reads about your book, Googles your name and ends up on website and gives you his name…even if he didn’t buy the book. You would have made that connection without having written a book.

No doubt, new markets and new audiences open to you the minute your is published. Remember when Dorothy makes it to the gates of the Emerald City?

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Dorothy and her group arrive at the gate, but the gatekeeper won’t let them in. After pleading their case and failing to persuade the gatekeeper, the scarecrow speaks up and says, “She’s wearing the ruby slippers.” To which the gatekeeper exclaims, “Well, bust my buttons! Why didn’t you say that in the first place? That’s a horse of a different color! Come on in!”

My friend, Rick Frishman, has often said, Your book is your pair of ruby slippers. New opportunities will come. There are many new connections available to you as an author, such as speaking engagements. There are seminars and stages exclusive to authors.

I’ve talked to multiple authors who have said things like, “I’ve got to get my book done, and it needs to be done fast. I’ve been asked to speak at a seminar with two thousand guests, but I can’t speak unless I have a book.”

A Book Can Open New Doors

Your book can be the key that opens the door to new possibilities.

Now, you may be asking, “What about bloggers? They’re referenced on TV as experts too!” You are right. Bloggers are also quoted on news channels.

Here is typically what happens when a blogger is quoted. The show will post a graphic with a caption. The host or news anchor will say, “A blogger wrote,” and then she’ll read the caption. The cool thing is, typically, at the bottom of the blurb, you’ll see the blog URL and, if you’re lucky, maybe a name attached to it.

The Difference Between Blogging And Authoring

The difference between blogging and authoring is when you become an author, you get face time. When the author is interviewed, the process is a little different; he’s brought in and displayed live, in front of the camera.

The introduction goes something like this: “Today we have so and so on the show. He’s an expert on this topic, and he’s written the book titled __.”

Do you want face time, or do you want to become a caption? It’s a decision you must make. Call me vain, but I think it’s important for me to be on the air. I want Fox News or CNN to introduce me to their audience and tell them I am the authority on my topic. Why? Because I wrote the book on the subject.

Having a book creates desire among experts and gurus to work with you.

All of us have had ideas and someone in mind with whom we’d like to collaborate. However, it can be hard to get an expert, guru, or an authority to work with us. There are a lot of experts and gurus out there who won’t joint venture (JV) with you, partner with you, or work with you if they don’t feel you are on their level.

Something interesting happens when you write a book. Those same experts will instantly say, “Wow, this guy knows what he’s talking about. I love what he says in this book. I’ve got to find a way to work with him.”

Becoming an author can take you from wanting to work with someone to having that someone want to work with you.

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