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As many as 90% of Americans would like to write a book. If this is true, it means that up to 218,223,738 adults in the United States of America at this very moment want to write a book.

How many actually do it? Not many.

Why not?

  1. They don’t have the time.
  2. They don’t like to write or type.
  3. Everything has to be perfect first.
  4. They don’t have a publisher or an agent.
  5. It would be great. It’s just not a priority.
  6. They don’t know where to begin.
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Perhaps you, too, would like to write a book.

But, you don’t have time either. You’re busy, super busy. You barely have time to read this 785-word article let alone time to read 587,287 word novel like War and Peace.

What if you could write a book in one hour… instead of months, years or perhaps never.

Maybe you could finish that book you’ve been waiting to write for some time now. Of course, one hour wouldn’t be enough time to type your 2,000-page novel.

Then again, readers won’t give you War-and-Peace-time either. However, they might just be willing to give you 60 minutes from their busy schedules.

At least that’s what Amazon is counting on with Kindle Short Reads, a new way books are categorized by length. For example, if your book is 33-43 Kindle pages long, it will automatically be categorized as Kindle Short Reads > One hour (33-43 pages).

Amazon is counting on readers with a one-hour-time block!

What do 33-43 Kindle pages look like?

According to Amazon, “The estimated length is calculated using the number of page turns on a Kindle, using settings to closely represent a physical book.” Calculating 155 words per Kindle page, for 33 pages you would need a minimum of 5,115 words. For 43 pages, a maximum would be 6,665 words.


When I was in high school, I could type 140 words per minute. Today, I could probably type off the top of my head (as long as I don’t edit as I go) around 50 words per minute. That means in an hour, I might generate approximately 3,000 words.

This means that I would need two hours to generate enough words for a one-hour Kindle short read.

For The first 13 books that I wrote and published, in three years (2003-2006), I used the “Type Your Book” Model. If you’re like most people I know, you likely need a lot more than two hours to type enough words for their 33-43 page Kindle book.


As an alternative, you probably like to talk. Also, you can speak faster than you can type. How long do you think it would take you to speak and generate 5,115-6,665 words?

If you spoke slowly like Henry Kessinger (90 wpm), in 60 minutes you would still generate enough words (5,400). If you spoke faster like Tony Robbins (240 wpm), in 60 minutes you would generate 14,400 words. That’s almost as fast as auctioneers talk (250 wpm).

Casual conversation falls somewhere in between (around 190 wpm). Speaking at a natural pace, in 60 minutes, you could generate 11,400 words… more than enough.

Recently, I’ve been using this simple “Speak Your Book” model 4-step

  • STEP 1: I offer a 60-minute webinar on a particular topic like “Time Management,” the for not submitting grant proposals.
  • STEP 2: I record the webinar and send the .mp3 to my transcriber who sends me back a written transcript.
  • STEP 3: I edit and turn the transcript into a Kindle 1-hour read.
  • STEP 4: I create the image. Many thanks to Frank Deardurff for designing the cover template I can use for multiple books in the series.


Consider these facts…

  1. Amazon knows what people like to read.
  2. Kindle prices are dirt cheap. One-hour reads cost $.99-$2.99.
  3. Amazon platform enables users to browse, buy, download, read & review.
  4. A new eBook is added every 5 minutes. By the time you finish speaking yours, 12 eBook will be uploaded.
  5. 3.4 million eBooks are available on Kindle.
  6. $5.25 Billion have from book sales.

eBooks constitute 30% of ALL book sales in the US. 31% of daily eBook sales are books by self published authors.

20 years ago there were 4,000 independent bookstores. Today, there are fewer than 2,000.


  1. Tap the power of Amazon’s platform.
  2. Get your transformative ideas out into world quickly.
  3. Build credibility as an expert
  4. Deliver your book immediately and directly to readers.
  5. Build a recurring revenue stream.
  6. Save a tree.

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