Owning Your Business – It’s A Way Of Life

In a fair world hard work would get you ahead. Unfortunately, this is not a fair world

george callens
Owning Your Business - It's A Way Of Life

Why is that?

After all, they have a good work ethic. They believe if they work hard people will notice, and they will get ahead, AND  if the world was a fair place, this would be true. Some people work hard because they love their work, others are scared  of being fired.

There are many reason for it. But one thing remains constant…just  because people work hard and successfully when working for someone  else does not necessarily mean they will work hard or successfully when they work for themselves.

Sound strange? At first it did to me also…until I thought about it. Many people need structure in order to work successfully.

After all, when you work for yourself there’s no one to report to (other than yourself), you don’t have to worry about reporting on time or meeting deadlines etc.. Correct?

The answer is “NO” that is NOT correct. Starting work on time and meeting (as well as setting) deadlines are just as important (probably more important) when you work for yourself. YOU have to be the one to crack the whip!!! You have to be the one to ensure everything is set up, all the work is completed…and in most cases, you’re the one who also has to do the work.

There’s no buffer between you, the work schedule, the bottom line or management…you’re the chief cook and head bottle washer all rolled into one.

Many very successful people who come from private companies as well as corporations have a transition to make.

If you were the worker, you now have to be the visionary, the planner, the implementer, the bill payer as well as the worker.

If you were middle level management, you know how to get the work accomplished but now, you have to schedule, manage, inspect and do it.

Similarly if you’re upper level management, you have to do the work of those below you, the work your accustomed to as well as the work of those who were above you…PLUS come up with funding and sweat the bottom line.

It may sound overwhelming…but it doesn’t have to be…it’s very doable.

In most cases your business will start small, and you can learn the ropes as you go. That doesn’t mean you can forget about all of the above…it means you can take it on in small doses.

Don’t get overwhelmed by trying to do every- thing at once…do  one task at a time.  Your business  will grow slowly and surely. You can take on extra people as you grow.

Many times we hear stories of people starting up a business overnight, making a fortune and then selling it to Google for even more money…and we all want to do that.

Has that happened? Yes, but not as often as you would think. What you don’t hear about are all the false starts, mistakes, long hours and hard work that got them to the point where the business grew fast and “appeared” to be an overnight success.

So what’s the secret to having your own successful small business? Patience, hard work, persistence and knowledge.

Successful people from all walks of life and different backgrounds be it small mom and pop businesses, private companies, corporations, large businesses, small businesses, medicine, the government …it doesn’t matter where they work or what they do…CONTINUING EDUCATION is their secret ace-in-the-hole.

By Continuing Education I’m not talking about just taking courses, listening in on webinars, going to seminars…I’m talking about internalizing the training…not just knowing it but understanding it…surrounding yourself with people who will help you understand it.

AND MOST IMPORTANT…implementing it, tweaking it, massaging it, living it, letting it become a part of you.

Marketing University can give you the edge with for the training, webinars, seminars and a support network of like-minded people who help you learn, understand, implement and keep your toes to the fire.

Remember, a job is a job, a career may be more involved…but your own business is a way of life AND it’s well worth the effort!

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George Callens

George Callens has been on the Internet since 1996. He has worked, full time, with Armand since 2003 and is currently the Chief Operations Officer for Armand Morin Network INC.. George is also one of the founders and partners of Payblue shopping cart.

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